OMEGA – The Lost City of Altinova Release

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A thrill-seeking professor, William Knight, a former recipient of a Nobel Prize in Archeology, from Texas A&M University and two of his graduate assistants, one from Austin, Texas and another from Calgary, Canada, attempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a hot air balloon built to support their journey for two weeks.

Their mission was to find an island that records from the University Library in College Station, Texas showed the entranceway to a mystical island that would lead to the lost city of Altinova. Would they find the legendary plaque that held the secret to a lost city? Which ‘X’ marked the spot!? Could the mountain of crystals be in fact a mountain of diamonds? Could there possibly be gold found in them there hills?

Come tag along with the adventurers while they find clues to the hidden city. Find out how they learned to tell time by the changing colors of sunlight. Learn what perfect health over five hundred years will do to a human body. Learn the whereabouts of the Land of No Return, the Lake of Fire, Frost Park, and yes, learn what happens to a woman from Cornelia, Georgia when she is turned into half woman and half robot, her punishment for trying to escape the lost city.

The Professor and his students knew the trip might encounter bad weather, but what they didn’t expect was what actually happened when they were but two days out to sea.

From the award-winning author of Faith – Seventy Times Seven and The Eye of the Storm comes Book 1 in the Omega Chronicles, Omega – The Lost City of Altinova. Come follow the adventurers’ quest to find the sister cities in the Atlantic Ocean.

The lost cities of Atlantis and Altinova have captivated mankind throughout all walks of life. While there have been many books written about Atlantis, this is the first put in writing about the sister city, Altinova.

The ancient Greek philosopher, Plato, was the first to mention Atlantis. Many people insist the lost city story is based on a real historical disaster. Professor Knight intends to prove such a city exists and find the city of Altinova at the same time. The educator takes on his journey Norman Clark and Dolphus Slaton to discover answers to the faded-out map found in the archives of the University.

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