BRIDGET FLYNN – A Female Detective New Release

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Fans around the world adored the woman detective, Bridget Flynn in her debut as a side-kick with Vincent Gideon in the novel, Rosenthall, Book 1 in the Gideon Detective Series. In this romance series, the lady detective, with the help of Chief Tommy Jackson of the Black Rock Cove police department, navigates her cases and sex life with good humor, intelligence and an occasional longleaf Cuban cigar.

This first novel in Sidney St. James widely acclaimed Detective Series tells story after story of our delightful, cunning and beautiful redhead detective, Bridget Flynn.

Immediately upon setting up shop and hanging her shingle in a small office in Black Rock Cove, she is hired to follow the Countess from Norderney Island after her husband, Count William died mysteriously. (See novel, Norderney Island by James)

After solving the case, she is invited to take on two high profile cases, one to break up a secret society, the Knights of the Silver Circle (Heil Hitler) and the other, the robbing of valuables and cash from the U. S. Postal System.

What really rattles her cage, more so than investigating robberies, murder and cold cases like Rosenthall, a serial killer, is the lack of credit given to her by all the newspapers in the country. When interviewed by a journalist who knew she was getting a bad shake, she said, Whatever women do they must do two times as well as men to be half as good. Fortunately, this is not difficult.”

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