100 Years of the Presbyterian Church in Eagle Lake, Texas

Available in Paperback and Hardcover

100 Years of the First Presbyterian Church, Eagle Lake, Texas, takes a historical journey through one church’s incredible history beginning with the initial Charter Meeting in 1909 and ending with their grand celebration in August 2009.

Sidney Struss, author of three previous history books, possesses a unique style in capturing detailed and comprehensive information from old microfilm rolls. Through his extensive research, he shares fascinating details about the ministers who have blessed the pulpit, the countless baptisms, and nearly every obituary over the years. While offering a compelling, chronological history, he also highlights the perseverance of the Presbyterians to build, grow, and sustain a thriving church despite destructive hurricanes, World War II, and many more monumental events, providing an excellent research tool for others interested in genealogy and family history.

Struss has created a treasure that will preserve an unforgettable milestone for the First Presbyterian Church in Eagle Lake for many years to come.