Smith Family History – Common Name – Uncommon Family

Family means that no matter what you are involved in, it is together, and to the end! It means that however many times we argue with our parents, brothers or sisters, we still have unconditional love for them and if someone tries to harm them in any way, we stand up and defend them. It means that we never let them stand alone and there is someone out there that knows when we are hurt without having to say a single word. This book preserves the Smith Family times gone by for generations to come!

Sidney Struss, Bertie Smith, Milton O’Dell, Beulah Manervia Priest, California Favors, Parker, Jack Daniel, Callaway, Gould, Sanders, Meyer, Waggoner, Motlow, Cox, Lampasas, Spicewood, Zachariah Butts, Elizabeth Dunning, Leita Mae Butts, Audra Butts, Dale Evans, Slim Whitman, James W. Flanagan, Dorothy Slaton, Sidney Slaton, Reverend Ada Slaton Bonds, Benjamin Walling, Fred Walling, Gerhard Struss, Oldenburg