The Transformist

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Vincent Gideon proved himself as the number one detective in the world when he captured Rosenthall, a serial killer in Book 1, Rosenthall.

In Book 2, Gideon Returns, fate is the only way to answer the love affair that came between him and Abigail Hoffman, a German immigrant from Oldenburg, Germany whose life he saved three times. Fate brought them together, but it would be fate that would tear them apart in Book 3, The Transformist.

Two weeks before a long engagement would lead to marriage, Abigail called off her wedding vows with the famed detective only to marry Wolfgang Klein, the wealthiest businessman in Portland, Oregon. Why? Soon, a private love letter to Gideon was found torn into a thousand pieces in a trash can and pasted back together by Klein’s secretary.

Then, as one might expect, she confronts Wolfgang and is found within moments holding a smoking revolver in her hand and standing over his body lying in his office chair with bloodstains on his chest, and Abigail’s handkerchief gripped in his hand.

She swore to the man she really loves that she did not take her husband’s life. Gideon loses all focus and must call in Jonathan Kowalski to help save the day, a washed up eighty-year old detective. Then, as the case unfolds, the butler working for Vincent is found out to have a safe cracking background in his list of experiences the famed investigator did not know about.

Furthermore, there’s the giant Chinaman. The suicide off of the 51st Street Bridge, the secret passageways, a missing woman, Ava O’Neill who can help solve the case of The Transformist! The missing second bullet. Time is clicking by before Abby goes to trial and finds a noose around her neck. The detectives must hurry. Will the District Attorney, Bulldog Dennison, give them enough rope to prove Abby’s innocence?

Inspector Joe Givens of the Portland Police Department suddenly finds himself in the middle of two aging detectives hot on the trail of an assassin who is most clever.

Again, Sidney St. James’ skill for producing furiously paced fiction is evident in the third of the Gideon Detective Series, as the novel breezes by rapidly.