The Dusty Adler Murder Mystery

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A murder case from late 1930 takes the entire area south of Oklahoma to the Gulf of Mexico the peoples’ attention as a veteran police officer of more than thirty years from Dallas, and a well-known socialite from Fort Worth are murdered on the same night. In both cases, the murder was brutal and not just a killing with a bullet or two.

The jurisdiction of the case brings in the Chief of Police in Dallas, Quintin Randle and the Fort Worth Police Department’s Chief Sammy Rogers on a case that has both of the offices’ detectives hot on the case.

The investigation gets exciting and crosses the boundaries where dignitaries from all over the country were arriving near Plano to watch the landing of a Superfortress B29. The case becomes somewhat sticky with the two detectives stepping on each others’ toes, but no matter, they learn to get along and try to solve this terrible murder.

But, do they solve it completely? Murder Will Out!

Hitler’s name disappeared on the front page for days. His presence was replaced by the murdered socialite, Sonja Bridges Adler and the thirty-year veteran of the Dallas Police Department, Lamar Hampton.