Author: Sidney St. James, Award Winning Author

REASON 2 OF 5: Is the Bible All That Clear to Understand?

REASON 2 OF 5: Is the Bible All That Clear to Understand? After searching for answers in “Seeing the Power of God,” Rusty Thornton is shown his path by God. However, I found during the writing of this novel, the Bible isn’t really all that easy to understand. Again, I refer to the Bible during

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The Reason I Wrote “Seeing the Power of God”

I honestly believe  we do God and His Word a great disservice when we turn the Scriptures into something they’re not. They did this on both sides during the War Between the States in 1861. Over the next five days, I will post a blog that will help guide you through Rusty Thornton’s dilemma in

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Now Available Worldwide: I Am Woman Hear Me Roar

At midnight, Sidney St. James’ newest Victorian Romance hit the bookshelves around the world. The BeeBop Publishing Group is proud to announce that Vivlio has joined our growing list of distributors. They represent Germany, Belgium and other small surrounding countries. Help kick off Day One by sharing this post with your friends who enjoy a

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