Author: Sidney St. James, Award Winning Author

NEW RELEASE: Nevaeh – The Lost City of Nemea

James’ latest novel has been in the works for nine months and is completed just in time for the Christmas season. ON SALE NOVEMBER 28, 2019     NEVAEH – THE LOST CITY OF NEMEA OMEGA CHRONICLES – BOOK 2 “If you were to destroy the belief in immortality in mankind, not only love but

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Science Fiction Fantasy Bundle (Free E-Books)

Science Fiction fantasy is a mingled genre within the umbrella of unpredictable fiction which simultaneously draws upon or combines metonymy and elements from both science fiction and fantasy, with a sprinkling of paranormal romance. Sidney St. James adds the two elements together in his first in the series, the Omega Chronicles, OMEGA – The Lost

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Paranormal Romance Book Fair

All my novels have been transitioned from exclusively to other distributors around the world. In so doing, I have met many friends with KOBO, Barnes and Noble, Apple, and Google, who also enjoy writing romance with a touch of the supernatural, either with vampires or with shapeshifters. It really doesn’t make any difference whether

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