Author: Sidney St. James, Award Winning Author

New Release on Valentine’s Day – TRUE LOVE WAYS

True Love Ways “Sometimes we’ll sigh… sometimes we’ll cry.” In 1965, Peter & Gordon sang the song written by Buddy Holly called “True Love Ways.” As a youngster, I danced my first slow song with a woman in the Community Center who I decided would be my wife one day. She was from Deer Park,

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REASON 2 OF 5: Is the Bible All That Clear to Understand?

REASON 2 OF 5: Is the Bible All That Clear to Understand? After searching for answers in “Seeing the Power of God,” Rusty Thornton is shown his path by God. However, I found during the writing of this novel, the Bible isn’t really all that easy to understand. Again, I refer to the Bible during

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The Reason I Wrote “Seeing the Power of God”

I honestly believe  we do God and His Word a great disservice when we turn the Scriptures into something they’re not. They did this on both sides during the War Between the States in 1861. Over the next five days, I will post a blog that will help guide you through Rusty Thornton’s dilemma in

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