Author: Sidney St. James, Award Winning Author

New Release: MURDER at Morgan Park

MURDER at Morgan Park by Sidney St. James Loueva Jennings, who looked intently at Albert Thomas, was more than just beautiful. Her white skin was tinted with the faintest of pink colors. There was, in the sober depths of her blue-gray eyes, a glimmer which would have cautioned a man less satisfied with his own

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THE WINDS OF DESTINY (PSALM 23, VERSE 4) Valley of the Shadow of Death

WINDS OF DESTINY In my newest novel, Winds of Destiny, I got hung up on a quote that came out of my head. It is from Psalm 23 Verse 4: “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.” Let me preempt this blog post with the

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NEW RELEASE APRIL 3, 2020: THIS OLD HOUSE – A Lily Blooms in the Jaws of Hell

New Release: Book 1 in James’s Victorian Ghost Story Series. Buy the book and you will see how the book got its title! It has to do with a Houston gal who leaves the big city of Houston to reside in the small peaceful community of Eagle Lake, Texas… I walked out of my grandmother’s

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