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Podcast Episode 14: The Making of an Author – How True Love Ways Had It’s Beginning by Sidney St. James

SEASON 1 EPISODE 14 Podcast Available Around the Globe: Breaker, CastBox, Google, Apple, PocketCasts, RadioPublic and Spotify! THE MAKING OF TRUE LOVE WAYS AND PART II I GO TO PIECES Coming of Age Fiction What’s up guys and gals? Welcome back to the Sidney St. James Show, the podcast all about being an author and

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A Prince of Their Own

In the fifth novel of the Gideon Detective Series, Bridgit Flynn returns to action. She has just solved the case of the murdered teller in the sleepy village of Black Rock Cove and a high-end hotel committee requests her services in solving a rash of robberies from the boarders. A PRINCE OF THEIR OWN by

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