NEW RELEASE VALENTINES DAY 2020 – Murder at Horseshoe Bay – Rules Are Meant to be Broken!

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Jordan McGuire was coming back into town on the winding 1431 highway from Austin to Marble Falls when he looked over at the Horseshoe Bay Country Club. The season’s worst snowstorm was on its way and the club was shut down for a week. As President of the Country Club, he was surprised when he came into the small community to see smoke coming from one of the chimneys. What he found there would change the rest of his life! In this novel, famed detective Vincent Gideon from the Gideon Detective Series comes out of retirement. RELEASE SCHEDULED FOR VALENTINES DAY 2020.

This is the first of five novels in the Whodunnit Series.

You will think from all the clues at the beginning you have the identity of the murderer figured out. You will not be by your lonesome. You will be right alongside the local police department, headed by Chief of Police Isaac Cooper.

Watch for the rare appearance of the 1972 Pontiac GET Convertible. Only one was ever made. Or, watch for the one vehicle everyone is looking for, a Porshe 917, blue with white pinstripes.

The novel will be available at Amazon, KOBO, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Google Plays and other electronic book markets around the globe.

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