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Hello Everyone. Over the last six weeks, I’ve introduced my Podcast Show to the world. If you are unfamiliar with how to get to my shows, they are available overseas and right here in America. I would love for you to drop in for my first season, “The Making of an Author.” I will highlight

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Memories Are Made of This – Class of 1968

Childhood Memories of Growing Up Eagle Lake High School Reunion – Class of 1968 Well, here I sit, thinking to myself about how growing up is mandatory, but wait, growing up is only optional. I should know that better than anyone. Technology is a great thing. My cell phone is ringing every five minutes from

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My High School Reunion

The emails are spinning at ninety miles an hour. My high school reunion in Eagle Lake, Texas is coming soon. This weekend, while playing pickleball, I announced to some of my friends, “I’m going to my high school reunion!” Some of them just returned my comment with, “A high school reunion? Why in the heck

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