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The Reason I Wrote “Seeing the Power of God”

I honestly believe  we do God and His Word a great disservice when we turn the Scriptures into something they’re not. They did this on both sides during the War Between the States in 1861. Over the next five days, I will post a blog that will help guide you through Rusty Thornton’s dilemma in

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No. 6 Conclusion to Faith Chronicles Series: Seeing the Power of God!

In writing the first five novels of the FAITH CHRONICLES, I realized when writing Book 6 of the series that I had a lot of questions from the writing of the stories of the Old Testament in the novel, GENESIS, book 4 in the series and HALLELUJAH, book 5 in the series. I had lots

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Seeing the Power of God – The Dominance of the Unspoken Word

Seeing the Power of God – The Dominance of the Unspoken Word Released Today July 23, 2018 In many of my novels, the question keeps coming up, “Do you believe in the Bible. It seems as though this would be a seemingly innocuous question, right? Not if you are Rusty Thornton who had no thoughts

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