Faith – Seventy Times Seven – A Story About Finding Forgiveness

Miss Ada became Moderator of the Presbytery eight times. She was a delegate to the General Assembly four times. In her pastoral career, she delivered almost five thousand pastoral sermons. In her long dedication to her divine calling, she gave three thousand evangelistic sermons. Furthermore, to her credit, Sister Ada presided over thirteen hundred funerals and three hundred and twenty weddings.

The minutes from the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in the early 1900’s reflected her as presenting the need for a missionary initiative for the Presbytery. She won the appointment as Head of Missions by the General Assembly. The Reverend Ada Caston Slaton Bonds ministered at churches all across north Louisiana and one church in Texas. In her fifty-seven years, her travels exceeded 750,000 miles. During her many journeys, she also gained the acknowledgment and credit for organizing three new Cumberland Presbyterian Churches. Reverend Ada Mentora Caston Slaton Bonds was one of the most colorful ministers ever produced by the great Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Beyond all doubt, she overcame more difficulties and passed through more heartaches than any minister ever known to preach the ‘Whosoever Will’ gospel.


Wow! I have laughed, and I have shed tears throughout the reading of this novel. What an awesome woman Miss Ada was. I pray my faith can become as strong as hers! – Beatrice

Emotional, inspirational, and a great story about a lady in the clergy in the late 1800’s to the mid-1900’s who overcame many obstacles because of her faith in God. – Scarlett

The words in this novel brought back my faithful training in my early years when we had church revivals. Miss Ada indeed showed her parishioners that yes, ‘Jesus is in this place!’ I was fortunate to be able to attend a 2014 revival honoring the MEMORY of Reverend Ada Caston Slaton Bonds at the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Pleasant Hill, Louisiana. It will always be a special day in my life. Now that I have read these memoirs, I feel I know her joys, sadness, her love of family and her love of God. – Josephine Starr.

Ada Slaton was received under the care of the Louisiana Presbytery as a probationer, October 1, 1914, at 7:30 pm at the Progress Cumberland Church. Ada delivered her first sermon on October 15, 1914, at the Old Bethany Cumberland Presbyterian church seven miles outside Coushatta, Louisiana. Ada Slaton On November 5, 1920, was ordained by the laying on of the hands of the Presbytery. She was the first ordained ‘Lady of the Cloth’ of the Louisiana Presbytery. Ada Slaton was the first elected to establish Missionary Auxiliaries in the Presbytery on November 3, 1932. This can be found in the minute’s pp 200-204. Ada Slaton motioned and first to propose to all ministers and elders to establish “Fifth Sunday Rallies” as regular activities for the youth of the Presbytery. Ada Slaton elected to the honorary post of Moderator at the General Assembly eight times, the first coming on October 23-25, 1941 as shown in the minutes. Birmingham News reports Reverend Ada Slaton Bonds as having the longest tenure of active service as a woman minister in the United States on June 20, 1958.