The Best of the Best Recipes for Fresh and Fast Vegetarian Meals

Growing up at the dinner table, a constant reminder by my parents was “Eat all your vegetables son so you can grow up strong and healthy!”

Everyone knows they should eat more vegetables. But, to find more recipes that concentrate on vegetable meals are sometimes complicated or lack in freshness appeal or flavor.

My son-in-law is a vegetarian and we are trying all sorts of recipes to add to our evening meals that are enticing for not just us “unvegetarians” but are flavorable and appealing to those who are.

These recipes are not just for those who have gone meat-free, but also as a supplement to those who do eat meat.
Whatever the reason one prefers a vegetarian meal plan, the biggest challenge isn’t necessary what to cook, but how to make healthy, hearty vegetarian meals without having to spend hours in the kitchen.

These great recipes from my son-in-law have helped shape his life and will do the same for you.

Good eating….YUMMY!!!