Wild Game Recipes – Squirrels, Bullfrogs, Alligators…and more

Over the last forty years, Sidney St. James has earned fame from his winning numerous bar-b-q cook-off contests at rodeos and other cook-0ff events around the great State of Texas.

Wild Game Recipes

It was over a decade ago he almost swept the Austin Livestock and Show Chili Cook-off while entertaining thousand of people with his great music played over the air on KOOL99 Oldies Radio. He further went on to win every major event in the Chili Cook-off at the Texas Department of Transportation, TxDot, with one exception, the hottest chili. There is a “breathtaking” story to tell on this one, but that will have to be another place and another time. I still have friends who work there!

Here’s hoping you enjoy some of the recipes offered from many different types of recipe books to choose from.

His specialty was from the various wild game he procured in the field, be it in Mexico, to Canada or Alaska.