Grandma’s Homestyle Cooking

We all are in search of recipes. There must be millions of recipes available from A to Z. We are always searching for great recipes…the ones that are easy and not complicated and the food just lands on the table as though they cook themselves.

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This is a “Grandma Cooking” book of some my favorite cooking my various grandparents became known for. But, I know what you might be thinking. I have tried to cook from other so-called recipes from Grandmas and it never comes out right. Why, you might ask? When we were young and stood in the kitchen looking up at Grams and looked over at a piece of paper on the counter, her recipes were just notes…notes she jotted down for herself. After all she had a grandma, too, and watched her cook fifty years earlier.

Grandmas already know how to cook. Their recipes always left out some steps. I know mine left out some ingredients such as salt. My Grandma Walling once said salt was never mentioned because everything needed it.

But, what really makes our Grandma’s cooking so fabulous? Grandma herself! She radiated a heart of gold! And God knows she was full of wisdom…

Our grandmothers knew exactly how much a pinch of salt was. They knew what fats from different meats made the food taste just right. And, as will be seen in one of the recipes, they know exactly how long to leave that roast in the oven so it will come out most and juicy and not dried out.

Grandma’s Homestyle Country Cooking Recipes Entrees to Desserts puts in the missing ingredients and gives step-by-step instructions that will have you cooking like “Grandma!”

So, if any of the recipes given in Volume 1 are something your grandma once prepared, give it a try.

Our grandmothers will always be considered our mentor in what has become our own cooking philosophy and style. This is one area we should all continue to respect from the older generation and what they taught us growing up!