Award Winning South of the Border Mexican Food Recipes

Ever since first attending Texas A&M University, my introduction to Mexican food was my main staple because my roommate was an excellent cook. He went on, after graduation, and became a world famous chef traveling all over Europe.

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Let this book be a start in helping guide you to making some deeply flavored Mexican dishes at home.

The recipes in this book are some of the best of which I was introduced to by Jose during my off-campus days during college. They include a primer on Mexican home cooking with information on key ingredients, which are readily available at your supermarket.

Also, included in the preparation stages of each recipe, are innovative techniques that shave time off traditional preparation methods.

Not only will you be able to cook fantastic from the very start, you will be able to cook amazing Mexican food and be proud to invite your neighbors over for your weekend tailgate parties.

Good eating….ENJOY!!!!