Award Winning Recipes from the Wilds of Texas Just in Time for Christmas

The good ole days…that’s what we baby boomers say when we talk about how much simpler life was growing up, especially without all this high tech stuff surrounding us.

How simple you may ask? So simple, that I began my hunting experience by becoming a professional guide at the Eagle Lake Rod and Gun Club on the waters of Eagle Lake in Texas. When not guiding people like Richard ‘Racehorse’ Haynes, an attorney out of Houston or Dr. Denton Cooley, a heart surgeon from Houston calling ducks to land outside our blind, I was taking the ducks and geese killed back to A&M University to help me survive during my tenure there.

At A&M, when not studying, my roommates from Columbus, Texas would come back from the weekend with packages and packages of deer meat, Javelina, and squirrel. I would come back on Sunday night and bring packages of goose and duck, and a few oddball meats such as bullfrogs and alligator. On Monday and Wednesday, I would cook duck or goose and on Tuesday and Thursday, Joe and Jack would cook venison, Javelina and other animals you might be disgusted with (Armadillo).

You see, none of us had much money and did not go out to eat. Instead of buying a dollar hot dog at the corner UTOTEM every night, one of us would cook. No one cooked on Friday as we all headed back home, Joe and Jack to Columbus and me, back over to Eagle Lake where Racehorse and Denton awaited another exciting early morning hunt over the decoys.

Each year I attend numerous BBQ and Chili Cook-offs throughout Texas. In the fall, it’s off to tailgating getting ready for SEC and Big 12 Conference football games. Why, you might ask, do I do tailgating at two different conferences? Well, my lovely wife is Big 12 and I am SEC.

Anyways, you came here for some great BBQ recipes. The world of competitive BBQ is full of all sorts of really nice folks. Watch them work at these cook-offs, and you will understand how serious they are at putting out top shelf BBQ.

Ask any of these cooks for help…they will give you the shirt off their backs. Ask them for their award winning recipes and they will, let’s just say, not be eager to give you that same shirt off their back!

These recipes are not just about how to grill a hotdog or a hamburger on the pit. In contrast, this recipe book takes you step-by-step through preparing and smoking some great brisket, great ribs, and some excellent wild game recipes for bullfrogs, rabbits, squirrel, and, yes, even armadillo. Many are competitive worthy and will have you hitting a home run or a touchdown at your next tailgating party at the stadium!

The chili recipes include a sweep of the awards in the Texas Department of Public Transportation’s Annual Chili Cook-off.

Who do I owe many of the recipes to you might ask? Well, it was my roommates from Columbus, Texas during my college years at Texas A&M University!

Recipes for preparing BBQ, Wild Game, Chili, Mexican Food, Grandma’s Home Style Cooking, Son-in-Law Vegetarian Recipes, and many, many more.