15 Award Winning Recipes for Smoked Brisket in Texas

Each year I attend numerous BBQ and Chili Cook-offs throughout Texas. In the fall, it’s off to tailgating getting ready for SEC and Big 12 Conference football games. Why, you might ask, do I do tailgating at two different conferences? Well, my lovely wife is Big 12 and I am SEC.

Anyways, you came here for some great BBQ recipes. The world of competitive BBQ is full of all sorts of really nice folks. Watch them work at these cook-offs, and you will understand how serious they are at putting out top shelf BBQ.

Ask any of these cooks for help…they will give you the shirt off their backs. Ask them for their award winning recipe and they will, let’s just say, not be eager to give you that same shirt off their back!

These recipes are not just about how to grill a hotdog or a hamburger on the pit. In contrast, this recipe book takes you step-by-step through preparing and smoking some great brisket that is competition worthy and will have you hitting a home run or a touchdown at your next tailgating party at the stadium!