My newest release, scheduled for the end of August 2018, has been on my mind for several years. The novel has been added to the Faith Chronicles Series as Book 4 and is called, Seeing the Power of God!

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After writing Genesis and Hallelujah, I became wrapped up as one of those people who asked, “Can anyone be a Christian and not believe in the Bible? Is it wrong to question any of the scriptures in the Bible?”

Some people believe questioning the Bible, the direction God is going, or even God himself, is blasphemy. Some think it is a sign of disbelief. Daniel Thornton is one such man. He believes his son, Rusty Thornton, is lost without God and takes him to a faraway place in the early 1950’s near Spicewood, Texas where he would never come in contact with people. He has an ancient version of the King James Version of the Bible and begins to try and cure his son’s affliction of skepticism.

The mystery of why he has such cynicism is possible because he remembers nothing before his eighteenth birthday. The first book he read after learning to read and write was on Hinduism. His father didn’t know how such a book ended up in his library, but he took it and hid it from his son. Was it too late? Did what he read about Vishnu and Krishna absorb his entire thought process where he never recognized Jesus Christ as the one and only son of God? Who’s right, Daniel Thornton or his son?

What was this strange ability he had with being able to communicate with animals, one of God’s creations? Why can’t he remember anything in his life before his eighteenth birthday? Who is his cousin, Carolyn Thornton who comes strangely into his life on his twenty-first birthday? Who is the stranger, Billy Joe Briscoe who is hired to become Rusty’s companion and teach him about Jesus Christ and the Bible?

There were many scriptures in the Bible when working on the two novels in the Sunday School Teaching Series that made me as if it was okay to ask questions of the Bible. This novel, in a way, answers many of those questions.

I try to answer the question “Is it wrong for Christians to Question God?”

I won’t give you the spoiler in the novel, but you will find a very unusual mystery of young Rusty Thornton, one that is not answered until the end of the story, as to why he questioned God’s words in the Bible. The first half of the book refers to the Old Testament. The last half refers to the New Testament.

My personal feeling as an author writing this book found three questions one should never ask. One should not ask a question of the Lord because they think they know better than Him. One should never question God’s authority, a big No, No!  We should never ask questions of God to try and stall our obedience to the Lord.

But, if we are questioning the scriptures in the Bible because we desperately want to know the answer because we are searching out and really want to know our Lord because we want to see the light in so much confusion, then that should be okay.

In the mind and thoughts of Rusty Thornton, it is perfectly fine to do so!

A thrill-seeking professor, William Knight, a former recipient of a Nobel Prize in Archeology, from Texas A&M University and two of his graduate assistants, one from Austin, Texas and another from Calgary, Canada, attempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a hot air balloon built to support their journey for two weeks.

Their mission was to find an island that records from the University Library in College Station, Texas showed the entranceway to a mystical island that would lead to the lost city of Altinova. Would they find the legendary plaque that held the secret to a lost city? Which ‘X’ marked the spot!? Could the mountain of crystals be in fact a mountain of diamonds? Could there possibly be gold found in them there hills?

Come tag along with the adventurers while they find clues to the hidden city. Find out how they learned to tell time by the changing colors of sunlight. Learn what perfect health over five hundred years will do to a human body. Learn the whereabouts of the Land of No Return, the Lake of Fire, Frost Park, and yes, learn what happens to a woman from Cornelia, Georgia when she is turned into half woman and half robot, her punishment for trying to escape the lost city.

The Professor and his students knew the trip might encounter bad weather, but what they didn’t expect was what actually happened when they were but two days out to sea.

From the award-winning author of Faith – Seventy Times Seven and The Eye of the Storm comes Book 1 in the Omega Chronicles, Omega – The Lost City of Altinova. Come follow the adventurers’ quest to find the sister cities in the Atlantic Ocean.

The lost cities of Atlantis and Altinova have captivated mankind throughout all walks of life. While there have been many books written about Atlantis, this is the first put in writing about the sister city, Altinova.

The ancient Greek philosopher, Plato, was the first to mention Atlantis. Many people insist the lost city story is based on a real historical disaster. Professor Knight intends to prove such a city exists and find the city of Altinova at the same time. The educator takes on his journey Norman Clark and Dolphus Slaton to discover answers to the faded-out map found in the archives of the University.

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Fans around the world adored the woman detective, Bridget Flynn in her debut as a side-kick with Vincent Gideon in the novel, Rosenthall, Book 1 in the Gideon Detective Series. In this romance series, the lady detective, with the help of Chief Tommy Jackson of the Black Rock Cove police department, navigates her cases and sex life with good humor, intelligence and an occasional longleaf Cuban cigar.

This first novel in Sidney St. James widely acclaimed Detective Series tells story after story of our delightful, cunning and beautiful redhead detective, Bridget Flynn.

Immediately upon setting up shop and hanging her shingle in a small office in Black Rock Cove, she is hired to follow the Countess from Norderney Island after her husband, Count William died mysteriously. (See novel, Norderney Island by James)

After solving the case, she is invited to take on two high profile cases, one to break up a secret society, the Knights of the Silver Circle (Heil Hitler) and the other, the robbing of valuables and cash from the U. S. Postal System.

What really rattles her cage, more so than investigating robberies, murder and cold cases like Rosenthall, a serial killer, is the lack of credit given to her by all the newspapers in the country. When interviewed by a journalist who knew she was getting a bad shake, she said, Whatever women do they must do two times as well as men to be half as good. Fortunately, this is not difficult.”

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Accepting Loss Without Becoming Lost

Life Is All About Loss and Accepting Loss Without Becoming Lost

My most recent novel, Norderney Island, follows a young woman through life and until I was completing the writing and delved into the final editing process, I didn’t realize just how much she lost!

Then, I stopped to reflect upon the writing and came to the understanding that life is all about loss and accepting a loss without becoming lost. Does that make sense? Read on.

You get older, and you lose your teeth. When as a child, it seemed we were always losing our toys. You get lost in the woods on Barton Creek in Austin, Texas. You lose your lunch money out of your pocket. Oh, and yes, let’s not forget, you lose your childhood, you lose control in the H-E-B parking lot, or you lose your virginity or your head or the Friday night football game. Let’s not forget about losing that big fish you fought for thirty minutes because you lost your balance and fell out of the boat.

I was on the Colorado River in a canoe when news reached me that I lost my grandpa. Back home at the state track meet in Austin I lost the race by mere inches. After eight hours on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras, I was happy to lose the crowd.

Think about it. It goes on and on. You lose blood, you lose the keys to your car, you lose your glasses because you are always sitting them down to read. I just returned from my high school reunion. It helped me remember how one loses their hair. You lose your once young and handsome look. You lose your figure. You forget what little memory you still have left. You lose your best friend from high school. You lose friends you have known from StrussFest for decades!

I could probably continue and write pages of what one loses as they go through life. Try it. How much can you remember about losing while growing up and getting older?

Some other things to remember happening to you. You lose your baby fat and pretty blonde curls. You lose your friends and relatives, one by one. You lose weight. You lose confidence.

BeeBop Publishing has informed me that my newest novel is scheduled for release on Memorial Day, 2018. Norderney Island is a Victorian romance novel that follows the rich and poor in a setting along the northern coast of Germany in the 1800’s. It follows the life of three adventurers who have just graduated from the University of Schilig.

Count William, heir to the throne on Norderney Island, Pastor Johann Meyer, and Baron Vincent Fischer have the time of their lives until the old Baroness tells her grandson Vincent a hundred-year-old secret.

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Norderney Island
…A Victorian Romance Novel

“Alles Gute zum Geburtstag”


Norderney Island Blog Front Cover

The greatness of King William came from the way he loved all the people. He was one who truly listened, with his heart, his ears, and his eyes. He saw the entire person in a way that others couldn’t. It was as though he was alone somewhere calm and collected.

The most troubled souls of the peasants became calm. Those from as far away as Schilig came to Norderney Island to seek his counsel. It was as if everyone had a thirsty soul. There was no doubt he was the most popular King to rule the kingdom in over two hundred years.

Although Baronesses Roberta respected him as a man and a dear friend, she recognized him as her king! Why not? After all, she married the King’s grandfather and was the oldest of royalty in the kingdom, soon to celebrate her ninety-second birthday.

Then there’s the odd three-some. Their adventures through life are where the real story lies. There’s the King’s second son, Count William, the ordained minister, Baron Johann Meyer, and the old Baroness’s grandson, Baron Vincent ‘Vinny’ Fischer escaping for three months on the high seas after graduating from the University of Schilig on the northern coast of Germany.

As the three men’s exploits continue, follow them as they experience the Undines, found around forest pools and waterfalls. There’s superstition galore on Fohr Island. There’s the encounter with the Hell horse. The story of where Thor fought his last battle, and storms and rescues on the high seas.

But, most of all, let’s not forget the romance. The three men draw straws to determine who the father will be for a damsel in distress. Follow one as he loses his silver button on the dance floor and relates it quickly to losing his head. In doing so, he goes somewhat insane, and everyone thought he had too much to drink, but in fact, it was his panic over losing a single button off his jacket, silly but true.

And, lastly, let’s not forget how the three adventurers all find love as they become foster parents by the withering Gooseberry Bush. In our German setting, it is correct to say that the words were nineteenth-century slang for a woman’s private parts. From this came the saying that our main character, Christina, was born under a gooseberry bush!

This Victorian romance novel is scheduled for release on May 29, 2018 from BeeBop Publishing Company. Find other great novels from Sidney St. James on And, please feel free to join his blog at

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