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A Touch of History Book Promotion

Sidney St. James has joined other Christian authors in promoting his two novels in the Sunday School Series, Genesis and Hallelujah. Go see many great novels who have joined this promotion as well.

FEBRUARY 2020 is Book Promotion Month

BeeBop Publishing Group is proud to announce that certain novels by Sidney St. James has been added to a group of New York Times Best Selling Authors and USA Today Best Selling Authors. In these special promotions, you will find James’ novels and others, some being given away and others at a 99 cent special

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No. 7 – Sam Bass and His Horse Marines – A Dead Man’s Hand, Aces and Eights

The first novel in the TEXAS OUTLAW SERIES is the true story of the Robinhood of Texas… Sam Bass. This novel was written in a creative nonfiction genre which adds characterization to the writing so that the reader becomes involved and can more truly relate to the subject. In this case, Samuel Bass. Pure nonfiction

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NO. 3 – FAITH – Seventy Times Seven A True Story from Ada Caston Slaton Bonds Memoirs

The third novel in the Faith Chronicles is FAITH – Seventy Times Seven. It is a true story based on the memoirs of The Reverend Ada Caston Slaton Bonds of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. She was the first ordained woman in any denomination for the State of Louisiana and the sixth woman to be ordained

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The ROSE of Brays Bayou – The Story of the Texas Runaway Scrape – Novel NO. 1

The first novel, Novel NO. 1, The ROSE of Brays Bayou, is the first book in the Faith Chronicles by Sidney St. James. It is based on a true story from the actual memoirs given to the author and handwritten by Dilue Rose Harris at the turn of the 20th Century. From these, the following

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