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On February 23rd, 1836, a large Mexican force totaling near 6,000 men commanded by General Santa Anna started a siege of the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas. The Texians held out for thirteen days. At four o’clock in the morning on March 6, the Mexican forces began to attack the Alamo and didn’t stop with

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Sidney St. James Releases New Box Sets International Best Selling Author The Faith Chronicles are an anthology of Christian based novels and true stories associated with Texas History and the Runaway Scrape and the First Woman Ordained in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. All novels are available separately (see below) or bought in box sets to

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BeeBop Publishing for the First Time Bundles James’ First Three Novels in the FAITH CHRONICLES

BeeBop Publishing Group (US) and BeeBop Publishing International (UK, Sweden and Germany) are proud to release Sidney St. James first three novels in his paranormal romance series, The Storm Lord Trilogy. The books are available from your favorite retail establishment and are now available in a package set at 30% off the total price. Now

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A Touch of History Book Promotion

Sidney St. James has joined other Christian authors in promoting his two novels in the Sunday School Series, Genesis and Hallelujah. Go see many great novels who have joined this promotion as well.

No. 6 Conclusion to Faith Chronicles Series: Seeing the Power of God!

In writing the first five novels of the FAITH CHRONICLES, I realized when writing Book 6 of the series that I had a lot of questions from the writing of the stories of the Old Testament in the novel, GENESIS, book 4 in the series and HALLELUJAH, book 5 in the series. I had lots

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