Author: Sidney St. James, Award Winning Author


Hello Everyone. Over the last six weeks, I’ve introduced my Podcast Show to the world. If you are unfamiliar with how to get to my shows, they are available overseas and right here in America. I would love for you to drop in for my first season, “The Making of an Author.” I will highlight

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New Audio Release: BELEM TOWERS – Only Two Will Ever Know by SIDNEY ST. JAMES

Newest Audio Release from Sidney St. James Do ghosts walk through walls or do they need a doorway open to allow them to pass from one room into another? But, wait, are there really such things as ghosts? Sophia Knight, wife of two-time Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist, Johnathan Knight lays on her death bed. There is

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New Release on Valentine’s Day – TRUE LOVE WAYS

True Love Ways “Sometimes we’ll sigh… sometimes we’ll cry.” In 1965, Peter & Gordon sang the song written by Buddy Holly called “True Love Ways.” As a youngster, I danced my first slow song with a woman in the Community Center who I decided would be my wife one day. She was from Deer Park,

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