The Reason I Wrote “Seeing the Power of God”

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I honestly believe  we do God and His Word a great disservice when we turn the Scriptures into something they’re not. They did this on both sides during the War Between the States in 1861.

Over the next five days, I will post a blog that will help guide you through Rusty Thornton’s dilemma in the novel, Seeing the Power of God, as he discovers if one needs to believe in the Bible to be a Christian. Billy Joe Briscoe, a man down on his luck, is just the man who will help Rusty find out what each author was trying to say. Maybe, just maybe, what this world needs right now is another Rusty Thornton!

Reason 1 of 5: The Bible is Not a Book of Magic

Actually, I mentioned “Book” but the Bible really isn’t a Book. It is numerous Books. It’s actually a complete library all rolled up into one!  There are 66 books. The books you read have different authors.  Think about it for just one moment. Who were the authors? They were men who enjoyed fishing for a living, or those who were kings, those who practiced medicine and were doctors, and those who were simply hard working shepherds.  Throughout the Bible, each of our authors had different audiences they were trying to target. What this basically means is that we don’t approach each book the same way.

What Rusty Thornton tried to do was read the scriptures in different ways as many diverse works tell one story in one collection. Billy Joe Briscoe guides Rusty Thornton through the Bible and the different Books written by different authors, in an effort to try and make Thornton see the Bible as not just God’s Word but of God’s people, as well, who are diverse in all walks of life and we will or will not find out if Rusty Thornton can find himself within it… did he believe believe in the Bible? Was he a Christian?




Sidney St. James

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