Preorder Now: I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar (Excerpt from Chapter 10 Removed Until Part 2)

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While the Dethardt remained wrecked on the rocks of a sea island, a sacred moment occurred in the castaways attempt to talk with God on multiple occasions. Although it was worthy of its place in the book, it was removed to possibly be held out for Part 2 of the novel. With the turmoil throughout our country at this time, I decided to place a cutout of the scene here:

The Dethardt became high and dry in the numerous rocks that laid offshore while fighting the waves of the storm. Only two of the missionaries survived, Reverend Russell Keiner and Reverend Scotty Elliott. Somehow they were able not to drown and swam to a small uninhabited island.

After a few days, the missionaries dropped on their knees, looked at the clouds passing by, and prayed to God.

Scotty and Russell felt like experimenting with their line of communication with the Lord. They split up. One walked a few miles to the end of one side of the island, and the other walked the other way to the opposite end.

The first thing the missionaries prayed for, of course, was food. The next morning, Russell saw a peach tree growing on his side of the volcano. However, Scotty’s end of the island still remained unfruitful and remained barren.

Another week passed by. Russell again fell to his knees and was lonely and elected to pray for a wife. The next day the skies turned dark. Sheets of rain fell like never before seen. Another vessel wrecked on the island. There was only one survivor, a beautiful woman with long flowing red hair. Again, on the other side of the island, where Scotty remained, there was nothing.

Time went on and on. Russell prayed for a roof over his head, more food, and clothes to wear. The next day, he had it all… like magic. Everything he asked for was given to him. But, poor Scotty still continued to pray, with nothing given to him.

Then, after months, Russell prayed for a ship to come to the island and rescue him and his wife. The next morning there was a ship anchored in the cove just off the shore. Russell, while holding his wife’s hand, looked back at the long narrow island and considered leaving his friend Scotty abandoned on the island because he was unworthy to receive God’s blessings like he received. None of his prayers were answered.

No sooner did he step into the small skiff to be taken to the large sailing ship, there was a rumble. An earthquake was felt. Coconuts fell from the palm trees bordering the beach. A booming voice from the heavens spoke out, “Why are you leaving Scotty behind, Russell Keiner?”

“Because my godsends belong to me alone since I was the one who prayed for them. None of Scotty’s prayers were answered. He doesn’t deserve my blessings.”

“Oh, mercy me,” God said, his voice continued to boom across the island. “You are mistaken, my good man. He had only one prayer he asked of me each day. If not for his prayer, you would not have received any of your blessings.”

“Tell me, Lord, what did Scotty pray for?”

“He prayed that all your prayers would be answered.”

Russell asked the vessel to wait and went and found his friend and fellow missionary. Together, with Russell’s wife, they departed the island.

Russell stood on the side of the deck, staring at the island as it disappeared slowly from sight. “I am sorry, God, I’ve made a grave mistake. Our blessings are not just the fruits of our prayers alone, they are those of another praying for us. I now know more so than ever before that what we do for others is much more important than what we do for ourselves!”


The preorder of I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar is set for midnight on August 18, 2020, honoring the 100th anniversary of the passing and ratification of the 19th Amendment by Congress. Women on this date received their right to vote, and their voices heard. 

Although this novel is based on actual events in history, it is a novel of fiction… a Victorian Romance based during the five years surrounding the civil war and Women’s Rights, including State’s Rights.

Release Date August 18, 2020 Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment…


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