Burn, Baby, Burn! – New Release of “I Am Woman – Hear Me Roar!” Coming August 18, 2020

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Burn, Baby, Burn! – Take the long-held assumption, found even in some of the most respected history books, that 1960s feminists exhibited against the establishment by setting fire to their bras. I grew up during this era. But where did it all begin? Maybe with Susan B. Anthony and others at the Seneca Falls meeting in New York in 1848?  Follow my most exciting new adventure in this fiction novel based on actual facts as Dianne Jenkins loves one man, Russell Keiner, with her heart but despises him and all men with her mind. Follow her as she graduates from college and attempts to fight for Women’s Rights. Our story has its beginning in 1860 with Abraham Lincoln having been just elected president of the United States… the long road to suffrage 1848 to 1920.

The Long Road to Suffrage: 1848 to 1920.

Let’s find out just what one senator said in 1968, “Feminists are only braless, brainless broads!”

The new release, Book 1 of this two-part series, is scheduled to hit book stores on August 18, 2020, celebrating 100 long years from the passing of the Nineteenth Amendment securing women’s right to vote in the United States of America!

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