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Sidney St. James Releases New Box Sets

International Best Selling Author

The Faith Chronicles are an anthology of Christian based novels and true stories associated with Texas History and the Runaway Scrape and the First Woman Ordained in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

All novels are available separately (see below) or bought in box sets to get three books for the price of two!

Book 1: The ROSE of Brays Bayou – The Runaway Scrape in Texas. God Bless Texas Women
Book 2: ADVERSITY – Keeping the Faith – German Immigration to Texas 1845
Book 3: FAITH – Seventy Times Seven – The First Ordained Woman of the Louisiana Presbytery
Book 4: GENESIS  – A Bible Study of the Old Testament
Book 5: HALLELUJAH – A Bible Study of the New Testament
Book 6: SEEING THE POWER OF GOD – The Dominance of the Unspoken Word (can one still be a Christian if they don’t believe in the Bible?)

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