BeeBop Publishing for the First Time Bundles James’ First Three Novels in the FAITH CHRONICLES

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BeeBop Publishing Group (US) and BeeBop Publishing International (UK, Sweden and Germany) are proud to release Sidney St. James first three novels in his paranormal romance series, The Storm Lord Trilogy. The books are available from your favorite retail establishment and are now available in a package set at 30% off the total price. Now is the time to get The Flaming Blue Sword, Nine Months Will Tell, and Three Keys to Armageddon for the price of only $14.95. That’s a $6.00 savings.


Also, soon to come are the first three novels in the FAITH CHRONICLES: The ROSE of Bray’s Bayou – The Runaway Scrape, ADVERSITY – Keeping the Faith, and FAITH – Seventy Times Seven.

Follow Sidney St. James on Twitter @sidneystjames3 or on Instagram at sidneyst.james.


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