Crux Ansata Releases Early – The Sequel to Nevaeh – The Lost City of Nemea

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New Year’s Day 2020 is the day to kickoff Sidney St. James worldwide virtual tour of his many award winning novels.

The first in the series, is a science fiction fantasy about two lost hot air balloon explorers that discover a new world, Omega – The Lost City of Altinova. The second novel is Nevaeh (Heaven spelled backward)- The Lost City of Nemea about a woman who has found the blue vortex which has given her over 2,000 years of immortality as she waits for her true love to be born again. The third in the series is Crux Ansata – The Lost City of Ankara, the book where the one man, Oliver Hansen, is born again after those 2,000 years, continues on a twenty-five year quest to find his true love. However, in both novels, there is a third woman, Nesandocris, who also has been waiting for Oliver and now the three find themselves caught in a lover’s triangle. Who will win and who will lose? This is the third and final novel in the series.


Click on Any of the Three Novels Below to Take You to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Google Plays, PC Computer and other E-Readers. (Amazon might not become available until New Year’s Day. All the rest released.)


Omega Chronicles BOOK 1
Omega Chronicles BOOK 2
Omega Chronicles BOOK 3


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