CRUX ANSATA – The Lost City of Ankara Releases New Year’s Day 2020

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The much anticipated sequel to Nevaeh – The Lost City of Nemea is scheduled for release on New Year’s Day 2020!

The novel is CRUX ANSATA – The Lost City of Ankara


“True love is not the number of kisses, or how frequently you get them, TRUE LOVE is the feeling that still remains long after the kiss is over.”

Crux Ansata – The Lost City of Ankara is a gothic-fantasy novel as a sequel to Nevaeh – The Lost City of Nemea in the Caves of Chivateros in Peru. It is Book 3 in the Omega Chronicles.

Freja Jensen, contemplating retiring from BeeBop Publishing Group in Austin, Texas, received a parcel in the mail. She opened the letter and saw that it was from Lucas Hansen, or his pen name, Lucas Pedersen. With the letter was a manuscript. Another letter received was from a doctor. Included in a small teakwood box was an ancient Egyptian musical instrument with magical powers not to mention covered with over a million dollars in emeralds, rubies, and diamonds.

In this sequel to Nevaeh – The Lost City of Nemea, a twenty-year search Lucas and Oliver Hansen begins to try and find True Love. You might ask, “What is true love? No one can really define what it is. Thousands upon thousands of people will have an answer. Many answers will point to a feeling they experience, but never before has the Truth been known until one reads the dramatic conclusion in this sequel, CRUX ANSATA.

In the case of Oliver Hansen, also known as the Golden One, his love, unlike feelings, doesn’t come and go. It stays with him for over twenty years as he searches for that one true love, the Goddess Nevaeh. He explores through the good and the bad… and we say bad, we mean really bad!

As long as Oliver searches for the Truth, he holds on to his love for Nevaeh. Romance is not the only thing that holds two people in love together. True love doesn’t just happen. One must be careful, as shown by Oliver’s father, Lucas Hansen when he confuses infatuation for true love.

True love occurs when the time has passed. In our case, over twenty years. But, when you see both the good and the bad parts of the one you love, can you still remain faithful to the path of life… to a chance for real and everlasting love.

One must be careful. Love is not a five-minute egg in bed. It takes just a single moment to experience infatuation or lust, but true love takes time. That’s what makes true love so unique… so rare. It can sometimes take over 2,000 years!

Remember, True Love is not a feeling one experiences, but a decision one makes. This takes time and genuine commitment. Oliver must choose in this dramatic conclusion in this sequel. How will he choose? Will he choose the priestess he ran away with over 2,000 years earlier? Or, will he choose another?

Lucas looks on as his son, after searching for his True Love for over twenty years as he is asked to make a decision between two women. Does he still love Nevaeh? Can his relationship last for centuries? Can he answer the question of whether or not he loves one or the other truthfully!

It’s something to think about as one reads the dramatic conclusion to Oliver’s search for True Love as he falls to his knees and says, “I love you like you are the last of my kind. To be around you after so many years is like finally not being alone. It is as if all of my life has been isolated, in a room without windows or a room without a door… and then you suddenly walk in as if strolling over a springtime meadow. So, why I can still have a breath, I’m yours in mind, body, and soul throughout all eternity.”

And you descended the glacier’s steep stairwell to depths, not knowing what laid beneath that fearful path. All of these dangers you faced on your own choice… your choice of True Love… your true and faithful devotion to me, my Oliver. Do you finally understand at last?”

Sidney St. James.

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