Science Fiction Fantasy Bundle (Free E-Books)

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Science Fiction fantasy is a mingled genre within the umbrella of unpredictable fiction which simultaneously draws upon or combines metonymy and elements from both science fiction and fantasy, with a sprinkling of paranormal romance. Sidney St. James adds the two elements together in his first in the series, the Omega Chronicles, OMEGA – The Lost City of Altinova.

In recent weeks, a complete transition from Amazon to thousands of retailers around the globe was made with his novels, and for the month of November, James is celebrating this milestone in his writing career by offering for 30 days this science fiction and fantasy thriller an no charge to the reader. Furthermore, he celebrates with many of his writing friends in running this thrilling promotion.

Click on any of the books in this thrilling Science Fiction Fantasy Bundle (click) offering and have your book downloaded to any of your devices (in most cases) for FREE! Of course, I would love for you to read mine and, when finished, leave a favorable review. My goal is to have at least 25 reviews by the time the Christmas Season comes. I will be releasing my last novel of the year, and it would be nice that readers can see many reviews for OMEGA – The Lost City of Altinova. The new release is called NEVAEH (Heaven spelled backward) – The Lost City of Nemea!

Again, thanks for dropping by. Give some of my friends a read. They are all great books! And, remember, the books are free and it doesn’t cost you a penny to give any of them a read on your favorite device!




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