ROSENTHALL – Bété Malefique des Bois Free During Murder Mystery Month

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ROSENTHALL – Bété Malefique des Bois is the first novel to kick off the 9-novel Gideon Detective Series by James. In this murder mystery, the crime was carried out by an assassin who crept in and out of the crime scene in an impossible fashion to kill and then disappeared with the door to the room still locked on the inside. The assassin was found to have disappeared into thin air! A Phantom?

November is Murder Mystery Book Month and to celebrate, many of my fellow authors and I have bundled our mystery novels together and are offering them to the reading public at no charge. That’s right, FREE! Now is your chance to click on the following link, MURDER MYSTERY MONTH, and be taken to many of the greatest mystery books available electronically for downloading. Of course, I cordially invite all my friends to download my first book in the Gideon Detective Series and when finished reading, leave a favorable review.

Hope you enjoy all the great books available at our Mystery Book Month Bundle Giveaway.

Happy Reading.

Sidney St. James

Best Selling Author

Link to Free Murder Mysteries!

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