Paranormal Romance Book Fair

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All my novels have been transitioned from exclusively to other distributors around the world. In so doing, I have met many friends with KOBO, Barnes and Noble, Apple, and Google, who also enjoy writing romance with a touch of the supernatural, either with vampires or with shapeshifters.

It really doesn’t make any difference whether secretly, or actually not so secretly, paranormal romance readers never stop wondering about the love lives and mating habits of the supernatural.

My new friends in the UK, Canada, Australia, China, and, of course, the United States have come together with some of the best of our paranormal romance novels and are making them available to our readers for the next few weeks. Please feel free to go and look at all the books for your reading enjoyment. Most are available on whatever reading device you have available for reading e-books.

Of course, my contribution to the Paranormal Romance Book Fair is THE FLAMING BLUE SWORD. Be sure to give my novel a try, electronically delivered to your device. And, for such a great deal, your kind contribution of a book review would be appreciated. My goal in offering the first book of three in the Storm Lord Trilogy Series is in hopes of obtaining 25 Reviews. This seems like a magic number with Amazon. Not sure about Barnes and Noble, KOBO, or Apple…


 Sidney St. James


This special offer goes into effect today, November 1, 2019.

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