Tears Are Words from the Heart Releases on Valentine’s Day

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Release February 14, 2019, a Romance Novel

My newest release has a setting in Austin, Texas in 1960. One would have to caution our lovers that romance can’t be found in a store. Whatever is in Capital Plaza isn’t what they were looking for. Passion is fueled by self-love and would be dealt a mortal blow by selfishness. Romance is when they get totally lost in a moment with another… a moment made sacred for just the two of them.

Their romantic bond is from one heart to another, one mind to another and definitely one soul to another! So, when our characters feel romance for real, they should treasure it always, the right way, as something special between just the two of them. The true love our characters in this novel mutually felt is wealth money can’t buy.

There’s a primary reason why Eros, that mischievous God, was believed by Greek Mythology to be the brother of Chaos. The ancient mythologists understood the power of all forms of love. Erotic desire is fierce and wild!

When friendships like that of Grayson Schiff and Kaytlyn Robertson become both familial and wild, we have a dangerous animal on the loose.

The object of their desire should not be with each other, but it was. Did Grayson want to be more than just friends? Was he only infatuated by the beauty of Kaytlyn who was engaged to Landon Hartstein?  As friends, they stand side by side not looking deeply into each other’s eyes, only outward to common interests. This boundary established between them was one they each wanted to cross, but unknown circumstances prevented them from doing so.

Like many friends who are smitten, they each mistake these signals and fall into erotic patterns that nearly end their friendship forever.

When Grayson focused his love craving at his new-found friend, he threatened the integrity of their friendship and entered into a dangerous liaison.

Grayson fell in love the night he first met Kaytlyn. She was cold and wet, her hair matted and had thoughts of ending it all. Her plunge from the bridge almost happened, but he saved her in the nick of time. Their attraction to each other was palpable, intense, and circumscribed by their commitments to other people. Hers with Landon Hartstein and his with Abigail McCarthy. The absence of sex only made the heat stronger between the two.

Their romantic bond is from one heart to another, one mind to another, and one soul to another. Finally, when two people feel the romance is real, they will treasure it always, the right way, as something special between only the two of them. But, the question to ask is, “Which two?”

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