New Release New Year’s Day 2019: FRANKENSTEIN – The Curse of Knight’s Island

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Hello Everyone.

Let me first say that my newest release has nothing to do with the original Frankenstein novel released on New Year’s Day in 1818, exactly two hundred years ago. However, that novel by Mary Shelley, has a lot to do with my newest release, FRANKENSTEIN – The Curse of Knight’s Island. This is a romance mystery and suspense novel. My two nieces from Melbourne and Sydney, Australia made the final decision on the cover for this novel, see below.

Frankenstein – The Curse of Knight’s Island is a romantic novel with lots of twists and turns. The one thing we learn from this novel is what happens when a man messes around on his wife, even if it was over four hundred years ago. God forbid!

It begins with Professor William Knight, a two-time Nobel Prize Winner in Physics from an earlier novel, Rosenthall. Follow him as he dictates to his daughter what she must do to try and break the Knight Family Curse.

Excerpts from the novel include the three curses.



The woman began to laugh devilishly under her breath and said, “When one spends the three years on this Island, or the two, unneglected, unslighted, and never regretting having come, I forgive you to the extent of my very first curse.”

“But that will never ever be! Never!”

“It might never be. But, by your own words, you said my daughter was happy here. Was it that you were lying to her? She is dead. And my little one lived here three years or two, almost three.”



The man fell to his knees beside his dead wife. He was stricken with terror. He looked up at the woman and continued, “What about the second curse?”

“Do you think that time may find a way out of two? You are more of a fool than I thought. Listen again, ‘When the first marriage is loveless on both sides and unselfish on both sides, may that be the last marriage on which the second curse falls!”

The man was at the end of his rope. He was at a loss of words. There were none more he could find. What could he say? Not once did it ever occur to him to deny her power and defy her malice.



After a long pause, while the man buried his head in the palms of his hands, the woman had one last thing she wanted to add.

“When a person of my blood would share the Knight’s fate again or when someone wronged by a Knight forgives the injury to the benefit of the child of the wrong-doer –.” She stopped to tickle the baby under the chin to help stop it’s crying. “When someone loves life willingly gives it for a Knight in peril, gives it without thought of other glory or reward than the thanks of a Knight, let the third curse go away.”


Some reviews of the proof before release got high marks from Johnathan B. and Anna Deane M.

  • The Curse of Knight’s Island is a profound story that goes beyond the usual and goes beyond the extraordinary. Without a glitch, it weaves intrigue, suspense, torment, and romance into a well-crafted masterpiece that holds you and never lets you go. This is a novel that grabs your attention, draws you in and will have you turning the pages until the wee hours of the morning. — Jonathan B.
  • It has been quite a while since I enjoyed reading such an entertaining romance novel that has great suspense and well-written romance throughout the pages. I found the story-line and plot fascinating with intriguing details. The characters are exciting and engaging with real emotional feelings. — Anna Deanne M.

Remember: People place curses because they themselves are angry! The are missing out on personal power of their own and believe they can make themselves stronger by hurting another. The dead woman’s mother had self-esteem that was non-existent. Her life was empty and bleak. Her curse was powerful, lasting for well over 400 years.

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