New Release: Vincent Gideon and the Case of the Ace of Spades

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Release date for James’ next novel is October 12, 2018 from BeeBop Publishing Group. Vincent Gideon, a famed detective who got his first real start in the private eye business in Rosenthall, Book 1 in the series brings to a close his long running career in The Case of the Ace of Spades.

There was only one case out of hundreds of cold cases that Vincent James Gideon never wholly solved, Rosenthall. (Read about in Book 1 of the Gideon Detective Series.)

Watching her take a sip, it took the assassin every urge not to swat the glass away, but he knew it was the only way to save his life. He stared at the beautiful woman and wondered how long it would take to go into effect. He questioned how much time it would be before she became dizzy and forgot where she was.

Everything seemed to switch into slow motion. For a moment, the killer doubted himself and wondered if, in fact, he poisoned the wrong glass? Guilt began to creep into his gut. It took all his strength to withhold the tears that started to glisten in his eyes. Why?

She began to cough and cough. The wine glass fell to the side, and her body collapsed to the floor. The assassin wasted no time. With an ivory handled dagger, he stuck the Ace of Spades across the point of the blade and pierced her in the chest. From the many trunks in the hallway packed for a long journey, he placed her body inside the largest one available.

Then, he called on a deaf-mute to carry the trunk to an unknown destination. But, the blundering detectives assigned to the case get all the facts twisted, and the wrong man has been accused.

Vincent James Gideon, the famed detective who went into retirement eight years earlier tried to avoid the case when the Black Rock Cove Police Department requested his services. One thing after another happened to where he was forced out of retirement. Then, he was blamed for the murder of not just the woman, but a reputable pharmacist downtown on Pacific Avenue.

This is Volume 1 in Book 4 of the final chapter in this long-running detective series. Volume 2 and Book 5 is due to be released in December 2018. For more details and to follow Sidney St. James’ blog, visit the author’s page at


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