It Takes Two to Tango – Volume 2

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It Takes Two to Tango – Volume 2 

It Takes Two to Tango – Volume 2, the newest release of Sidney St. James from the BeeBop Publishing Group, is now available on in both the Kindle format and paperback. It is a romantic suspense novel that continues from Volume 1 in the Love Lost Series, also available on

Shocks, one after the other, keep coming. Colonel Johnathan Schultz has taken on the task of finding out who waged war on his very best friend. And, why? Then, he has to find out who the killer was of Jimmy Johnson, Agatha’s husband. His gut tells him it wasn’t Rusty Zeiner or Felix Hellmuth. Determined to track down the truth, the Colonel forms an alliance with a seventy-five year old friend, Freddie Walker.

In Volume 2, the story shifts gears and enters the war waged on Agatha’s father, Jeremy McDonald for something he did twenty years earlier as the unknown enemy begins to snip away at his life.

The Cricket is introduced throughout Volume 2, a world-famous opera singer who tries to make a comeback. The story evolves further as one man takes another man’s wife away, along with their daughter, never to be found again. Another man falls in love but finds out that his best friend contracted smallpox.

Colonel Jonathan Schultz, a World War II hero, comes back to help his best friend of forty years battle the unknown assailant who is waging war on him and his family. Who is killing who? Who is robbing from who? Who should be “obeying” who and what happens when they perform certain romantic ‘favors’ with someone they find out later was married?

It will take 700 pages before any clues are given as to who was wrong and who was right!

It Takes Two to Tango – Volume 2

What reviewers have said:

“This Love Lost Series is even better than the Storm Lord Trilogy Series, if that’s even possible.” – Barbara

“This is an awesome start to a new series… I couldn’t put it down!” – Stephanie H.

“I was devoted from the very first page.” – Thomas B.

“Powerful… a moving story from start to finish.” – Vanessa S.

“An edge of your seat romantic suspense. Don’t miss it!” – Matt T.

Come and read along as the characters ride away in their 1955 Corvette convertible. Or, read the news of Budweiser on the front cover of the 1955 Time Magazine. Or, the girls trying to curl their hair like Marilyn Monroe. Or, Rusty Zeiner as he tries to comb his hair like James Dean. Or, the beautiful girls in Agatha’s wedding party at their bachelorette party listening to Three Coins in a Fountain over and over and over on a 45 RPM record player.

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