Accepting Loss Without Becoming Lost

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Accepting Loss Without Becoming Lost

Life Is All About Loss and Accepting Loss Without Becoming Lost

My most recent novel, Norderney Island, follows a young woman through life and until I was completing the writing and delved into the final editing process, I didn’t realize just how much she lost!

Then, I stopped to reflect upon the writing and came to the understanding that life is all about loss and accepting a loss without becoming lost. Does that make sense? Read on.

You get older, and you lose your teeth. When as a child, it seemed we were always losing our toys. You get lost in the woods on Barton Creek in Austin, Texas. You lose your lunch money out of your pocket. Oh, and yes, let’s not forget, you lose your childhood, you lose control in the H-E-B parking lot, or you lose your virginity or your head or the Friday night football game. Let’s not forget about losing that big fish you fought for thirty minutes because you lost your balance and fell out of the boat.

I was on the Colorado River in a canoe when news reached me that I lost my grandpa. Back home at the state track meet in Austin I lost the race by mere inches. After eight hours on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras, I was happy to lose the crowd.

Think about it. It goes on and on. You lose blood, you lose the keys to your car, you lose your glasses because you are always sitting them down to read. I just returned from my high school reunion. It helped me remember how one loses their hair. You lose your once young and handsome look. You lose your figure. You forget what little memory you still have left. You lose your best friend from high school. You lose friends you have known from StrussFest for decades!

I could probably continue and write pages of what one loses as they go through life. Try it. How much can you remember about losing while growing up and getting older?

Some other things to remember happening to you. You lose your baby fat and pretty blonde curls. You lose your friends and relatives, one by one. You lose weight. You lose confidence.

BeeBop Publishing has informed me that my newest novel is scheduled for release on Memorial Day, 2018. Norderney Island is a Victorian romance novel that follows the rich and poor in a setting along the northern coast of Germany in the 1800’s. It follows the life of three adventurers who have just graduated from the University of Schilig.

Count William, heir to the throne on Norderney Island, Pastor Johann Meyer, and Baron Vincent Fischer have the time of their lives until the old Baroness tells her grandson Vincent a hundred-year-old secret.

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