Memories Are Made of This – Class of 1968

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Childhood Memories of Growing Up

Eagle Lake High School Reunion – Class of 1968

Norderney Island  Coming Soon to a Bookstore Near You

Well, here I sit, thinking to myself about how growing up is mandatory, but wait, growing up is only optional. I should know that better than anyone. Technology is a great thing. My cell phone is ringing every five minutes from classmates with some sort of message about this grand weekend gathering at the Vineyard on Mainstreet downtown, The Class of 1968 Eagle Lake High School Reunion.

I am sure all my classmates are dusting out the cobwebs around some of those great memories. I still remember when the “Grown Ups” appeared to look so glamorous. Going out in public was a call for a beautiful attire and not a pair of sloppy warmup pants and an Aggie sweatshirt. And, going out was to have a good steak at Marvin’s in Altair or a good hamburger at Epp’s Café. Oh, and yes, breakfast at the White House Café on Main Street, also posing at the bus station through town.

I remember when people said thank you and please, and not like kids I know today who you have to send them a hand signal for them to remove their earphones to talk to them.

Dad put a bell on the back porch and precisely at dark, a loud ring could be heard and a shout, time for supper was heard.

I remember needing some bubblegum and pulling a wagon up and down McCarty Avenue and picking up soda bottles. I took those to Wilcox Grocery Store and got a penny for each one, enough to buy two packages of chewing gum.

I need to go way back, but I remember at Mrs. Kveton’s Kindergarten, “Red Rover Red Rover, would Loueva come over!” Yeppers, I still remember that far back. That was the same time that I remember from my house, downtown was a long, long ways away.

And, then, there is sitting on my grandmother’s front porch on Stockbridge Street and wait ‘till the sun goes down and the lightning bugs came out and then run around and catch them in a jar.

Oh, let’s not forget soda fountains. There was the Balas Drug Store next to the movie theater. One could get a grilled cheese sandwich and a cherry phosphate to drink for a quarter. Even better than that, you could go into Beckmann’s Drug Store and smell all the cigars the men were smoking and order a chocolate milkshake. And, there was someone at the front door where one could sit down and get their shoes shined.

Comic books were galore and only a nickel each. A weekly trip down to Albert’s Variety Store one could keep up with the next adventure of Green Lantern or Superman, and yes, even the Fantastic Four.

Lastly, there was one guy I remember well in Mrs. Munford’s class who always sat at the back desk in class. (No, can’t mention his name.) He was always drumming his desk with his #2 pencil. He would kick the desk of the pretty girl, you know who you are, in front of him. She turned around to scold him. He gave her the biggest smile and flashed his dimples at her. He always got his way. I guess I was a little jealous of his ability to worm his way out of any situation.

Anyways, I am packing my suitcase now and will be leaving early in the morning. I am excited as you can probably tell.

If any of these memories bring a smile to your face whenever you read them, it means you were lucky to have such good times… Sorry, it also means we might not be as young any longer!

Sidney St. James

Class of 1968

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