Thanksgiving is Much More than One Day a Year!

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This blog is being written four days before Thanksgiving Day while I am lying here with a Continuous Passive Motion machine attached to my leg twice a day for about five hours. I just had my knee replacement done and I am not having a very pleasant experience to say the least.

Even though we are at least four days away from the official Thursday for Thanksgiving, I am bored, to say the least, as the CPM machine goes up and down. I stare out the back window at our Koi pond and begin to look forward to all that turkey in a few days.

Thanksgiving dinner is getting closer as another day takes us to within three days of the most over-the-top meals of any single day at  one sitting of the entire year! But, no matter the grandeur of our Thanksgiving meal within days, I sit here day after day, not able to get out of bed and ride this cotton-pickin’ CPM machine again and again giving more than just one day, but several days, to be thankful for my health and my family’s health.

I’m going to my brother’s home in Burnet, Texas for our family gathering. My oldest brother is still misplaced from Hurricane Harvey and lives in a hotel in Houston. He and his wife will be dining with all of us. After all, for me, the heart of my Thanksgiving holiday isn’t going to be parades or eating lavish meals. It is about sharing a day with the family, laughing and telling old memories and all patting each other on the back and being thankful I went through surgery without a hitch and my brother’s family from Houston was blessed to have survived the terrible storm, although losing his home and my nephew reaching another milestone in his down syndrome life celebrating his 30th birthday. Truly, there is so much to be thankful about!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  Every day is considered thanksgiving to me as each one passes, but not without me looking to the heavens and being thankful to God for his many blessings. Oh, and yes, after returning in the evening, I will jump back up on that ole CPM machine and ride, ride, ride!

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